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Learn about the new innovative project venture from X World Games, which is providing users an industry-first proposition, with the first ever VR/Metaverse idol group. X World Games, the team behind the project joined us for an insightful interview where they revealed some of the factors that have gone into this exciting new venture.

Q1. Please describe (Dream Idols) to those unfamiliar with them. What is your vision and mission?

Dream Idols - Fantasia, crypto’s first VR/metaverse idol group. The next project venture by X World Games in the SocialFi and crypto entertainment space will be integrated with a few elements, including V-tuber, K-pop, J-Idol, and SocialFi fan economics.

Dream Idols have a unique Japanese ACG art-style based on existing NFT hero characters from the Dream Card video game series. But, behind the scenes, the Dream Idols will be real! The girls will be professionally trained in singing and dancing and selected for their unique talents and personalities. The Dream Idols will not only bring mesmerizing cloud-rendered 3D VR concerts and original songs to their fans but fully be dedicated to connecting and sharing through backstage interviews, posting on their social media communities, and much more!

The Dream Idol community will participate in SocialFi functions and events. Invite your friends to build the strongest fan club surrounding one of the Dream Idols to earn! Fans can grow their fan clubs, and earn based on their engagement, club size, and event participation. Idols will reward their fans with the revenue generated, connecting the individual idol's success to the fan's engagement. Creating a dynamic Web3 earning system that gives the attention profit back to the community.

Dream Idols is a joint project with a well-known Web2 entertainment agency but will be operated by the X World Games team. X World Games is a blockchain-based gaming and entertainment ecosystem that aims to make blockchain features simple and fun for users at all levels. X World Games' vision is to build a diversified space that connects traditional gamers and users with the blockchain world.

Q2. When was the idea behind Dream Idols born, and what led to it?

As a pioneer in the crypto entertainment industry, X World Games aims to deliver the newest and most innovative content to their community.

Besides the already-operated GameFi products like the Dream Card series and Hero Card, XWG is making its next big venture towards SocialFi Entertainment. Instead of the conventional "Play-to-Earn" series, the development of an "Engage-to-Earn" with consumer-favourite ACG entertainment is a product X World Games has the ecosystem for and expertise in.

In addition, more emotional engagements and bonds can be created through everyday interactions between communities and idols, which we called the "parasocial relationship," a type of psychological relationship experienced by an audience after repeated mediated exposures to a media personality. Viewers/listeners come to consider the media personality as their close friends. We believe this type of parasocial connection will be the best catalyst to grow a community instead of putting our focus on the "to-earn" mechanism.

Dream Idols will be something for the crypto community to fully experience a fresh and dynamic project that they can enjoy with their friends!

Q3. Tell us something about your team's background.

In 2017, before X World Games entered the blockchain gaming space. It developed a super popular Japanese action mobile game called "Belle Battle Musou.", generating an active user base of 1 million+. In addition, the X World Games team developed nearly a hundred online mini-games and has rich experience in game production in the mobile game industry.

Fernando Liu -Co-Founder & CEO, Former Asia Pacific president of Wall Street private equity investment fund Barron Partners, with 17+ Years experience in venture capital, private investment, fundraising, and M&A restructuring experience worldwide.

Edwin Liu - Co-Founder & CGO, with a senior urban investment & financing background and a crypto investor since 2013. Worked for Cardano community management and actively contributed and participated in multiple blockchain projects' incubation and development, including those later invested by industry-recognized VC funds.

Kata Botica - CMO, over five years of corporate industry experience in the technology, marketing, and gaming industries. Passionate about NFTs, GameFi, Web3 and crypto, with three years of industry knowledge on market trends, community engagement, and crypto developments.

Q4. What are some of the main features of (Dream Idols) and what makes it so different from other products in the crypto space?

Good Question! There are just too many special features about Dream Idols that you might haven’t seen in the crypto space yet, like exclusive K-POP music & dance production, real-virtual interaction, VR Metaverse concert and etc.

Overall, Dream Idols features follow:

Metaverse Entertainment

Enjoy the Metaverse through a 360°, multi-sensory experience, entirely rendered in a 4K resolution VR environment. Dream Idols will be accessible through mobiles and VR gear like Oculus, Pico, Vive, etc.

SocialFi Fan Economics

A multi-asset NFT & token system combined with a competitive fan economic model will incentivize fans' participation. The overall fan engagement will control the ultimate destiny of your favourite idol. The Dream Idols' future is in your hands!

Web3 Attention Value

Participate in your favourite Idol supporting activities and collect a share of the revenue. Fans’ attention and engagement are no longer disregarded and now will be rewarded in Web3.

VR Technology

The newest virtual technology will be used to create a near-real human-type avatar and involved with the best cloud rendering, which means a user no longer needs a high-end graphic card machine to enjoy the experience. All they need is a regular iPhone or VR goggle type of equipment with a reasonable Internet speed bandwidth.

Virtual Human, Real Girls

Behind each Dream Idol's virtual avatar, a real girl is working relentlessly to become the best Idol on the stage! These girls will be trained in singing and dancing with motion capture equipment to bring you the most immersive VR Metaverse concert experience. Also, daily behind-the-scenes and life-moment sharing with weekly live-streaming will accompany fans with a touchable emotional bonding throughout Idol's career growth.

Fans of DAO

Fans have the power to decide the Idol's next big things, from music single selection to concert dressing costume. Fans can manage Idols’ everyday tasks through DAO voting events and shape Dream Idols to be the top Girl Group in the world!

Q5. Can you tell us how Dream Idol tokenomics works and how users can profit from this system?

Yes, the core concept of Dream Idols is 「Engage-to-Earn」, which means as fans, you can earn tokens through all kinds of idol-supporting activities, such as liking, following, sharing or gifting.

We’ve created two types of NFT, Fandom (Fans NFT) & Stardom (Idol NFT), also two types of BEP-1155 assets for fans to earn, Joy & Dream.

Fans will earn JOY through supporting activities, like sharing or participating, in Dream Idols events. In order to earn DREAM, they'll have to register their Fandom and stake Stardom with consumption (burning) of JOY, and this is just for the first-layer Idol Pool.

For the second-layer Idol Pool, fans will have to register their Fandom and stake Stardom, but this time, they’ll have to consume (burn) Dream and to earn XWG, the X World Game token.

The most exciting thing is about the Fandom NFT, there will be three different grades: Genesis Producers, Super Fans, and Casual Fans, which producers will have a limited quantity of 99 for each idol and Super Fans will have a limited quantity of 999; both NFTs will have the rising floor, pricing models. Casual Fans have pretty much no restrictions at all, it’s easy and free for people to create and participate in the Dream Idols space.

The top priority of producers will be building their own fans club and growing the fan tree under them, other than that, producers will get a direct reward sharing from whatever their under-fans spending. This also creates an incentive for the producer to build his fan influence and lead a greater success for the idol they all support.

However, the Dream Idols project is now entering the Alpha test stage, and there will be another Beta after. All the information mentioned above is only an approximation of the mechanism, and no numbers will be guaranteed for now. Actual numbers may still change pending our finalization after Beta, and XWG will make an official announcement later.

Q6 Can you please highlight what Dream Idols (real girls) will be doing in this project?

Of course, the initial four real girls behind the virtual characters will be founded through our global recruitment event to assemble the first Dream Idols group - Fantasia.

Later, these girls will be trained in performance, dancing, singing and all types of talent schooling to become one of the Dream Idols.

Once they're ready, they will conduct live streaming to interact with fans regularly, mini-concerts, and weekly competition activities. Idols' levels will get boosted with fan engagement, which will unlock more content for idols — for example, new singles,  new music videos, opportunities for collaboration with other influencers, etc.

In addition, there will be another group of 4 girls assembled in the next phase once all 8 girls are founded and enough Idol levels are built. We'll hold the first Metaverse concert for the Dream Idols! Fans can also receive their long-term accumulated rewards in the concert.

It doesn't stop here. The Dream Idols entertainment group will continue to grow, featuring new generations of idols and new events as the X World Games team continues development. There will be more variety of content built around Dream Idols, such as animation, games, movies, and manga.

Metaverse Entertainment has vast potential and the possibility to grow and eventually infiltrate the WEB2 classic entertainment industry.

Q7. Let's say I want to start using (Dream Idols). Where do I start? Where can I find some how-to guides?

The best way to start is to go through Dream Idols' official website.

For more how-to information about Dream Idols and tutorials, users can visit XWG's official Gitbook under the Dream Idols category.

Since Dream Idols is still under the Alpha & Beta stage, please visit the official Twitter to get the newest updates!

Q8. Why did X World Games decide to build on the BNB Chain?

BNB Chain is simply the best chain out there. With its mature infrastructure and robust security, players' funds are always SAFU. BNB staff's supports are also beneficial, especially when you want to grow your project from 0 to 1. The communities are open-minded and won't see the rival ecosystem projects as a zero-sum game. It's very common to see users holding 3+ projects of NFTs and playing different games all the time. This is the 4th product that X World Games built on the BNB Chain, and we're delighted and thankful for our decision since it’s the best ground for building your Dapp project!

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