Innovation Roadshow

Innovation Roadshow

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Learn cutting-edge Web3 skills and build a powerful network of Web3 developers.

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What Is
An Innovation

The future of blockchain coming to your doorstep. BNB Chain's Innovation Roadshows host workshops with panel discussions designed to:

Amplify your skill

Boost your connections

Empower our Web3 devs in every region

Our series of in-person events are free and held in English. However, applicants will be carefully selected to ensure we only have the best people attending.

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Join Our Global Innovation Roadshow

Seoul, South Korea

Mar 23

Paris, France

Mar 25

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Mar 30

Delhi, India

Apr 6

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Apr 11

Tokyo, Japan

Apr 17

Mexico City, Mexico

Apr 19

Berlin, Germany

Apr 22

Texas, USA

Apr 29

Lisbon, Portugal

May 6
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