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BNB Greenfield

A Decentralized Data
Storage System
and Economy

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BNB Greenfield is decentralized storage infrastructure within the broader BNB Chain ecosystem where users and dApps can create, store and exchange data with full ownership to form a new data economy.

BNB Greenfield users will be able to

Log in with anonymous cryptographic-based keys (IDs)

Create, read and execute data with a UX similar to that of today's leading state-of-the-art cloud storage services

Fully own their data assets, control who can use them, and how, both manually and programmatically

Leverage their data for their own and others' financial benefit

Power the Future
of Web3 Data

BNB Greenfield will also open the floodgates to novel, innovative and transparent Web3 business models for dApps.

Transparency and ownership of data are the next step in unlocking the full potential of the Web3 era. BNB Greenfield will continue to develop this new frontier in partnership with, and for the benefit of, the broader Web3 community and the next generation of Web3 users.

The Architecture
of BNB Greenfield

BNB Greenfield's ecosystem is a trinity of entities that work in concert to provide a novel decentralized data storage system - all with the user at the center.

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BNB Greenfield Core

BNB Greenfield Core is comprised of a storage-oriented blockchain (BNB Greenfield) and a decentralized network of Storage Providers (SPs). Users upload their requests for data storage to BNB Greenfield and SPs store the data off-chain. Users can validate that their data is being stored correctly with a Proof-of-Challenge check on BNB Greenfield.

BNB Greenfield dApps

BNB Greenfield decentralized applications (dApps) can help users interact with the Greenfield decentralized storage system or be Web3 products with real value and utility that leverage the data stored on BNB Greenfield at scale in new and exciting ways.

BNB Smart Chain

By way of a native cross-chain bridge, all aspects of the data stored on BNB Greenfield (data, metadata, and data permissions) can easily be transferred to BNB Smart Chain, where it can be leveraged in the existing BNB Chain dApp ecosystem.

Key Features

BNB Greenfield has several unique features that establish it as an evolution from the existing decentralized storage network landscape.

Read the Whitepaper
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Storage Flexibility

Storage providers have the option of storing data anywhere: from decentralized individual terminals all the way to established, centralized storage services.

Data Configuration

Data, data “buckets”, and data permissions can all be uniquely configured by the user.

Native Smart-Contract Ecosystem

Stored data in BNB Greenfield can easily and intuitively be leveraged on BNB Chain, a thriving smart contract-enabled ecosystem.

Potential Use Cases

Here are just some of the possibilities BNB Greenfield can unlock to create a new wave of decentralized applications.

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