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The torch-bearers of our community that lead young students into learning and using the BNB Chain platform

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Build the community, and let the community Build, 'n Build!

Become a BNB Chain Student Ambassador

Our Student Ambassador Program gives you a platform and frameworks to advance the blockchain and Web3 . You'll have the opportunity to build authentic relationships and connect to a global community of Web3 developers and BNB Chain ecosystems. If you're interested in becoming a BNB Chain Student Ambassador, Join US today!
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Become the Building Force of an Innovative Tomorrow

As Student Ambassadors, you will join the building force to 👇


Learn/educate new Web3 programing skills


Build strong Web3 community


Organize online or offline hackathons or meetups

Whyshould you apply?


Make a difference with students from around the world

Connect with other students who share your passion in focused Leagues and use tech to solve real-world challenges together.

Grow your skills and build your reputation as a tech insider

Kick-start your career with training and certifications, support for virtual events, and unique access to experts and mentors.

Become a leader in your local tech community and empower your peers

Host Web3 events, offer guidance to other students and earn the recognition that separates your résumé from the pack.

Benefits of becoming a BNB Student Ambassador?

Get exclusive invites to all our events, either as a privileged guest or organizer.
Receive special access to members of the BNB Chain team and get invited to special BNB Chain Student Ambassador meet-ups featuring senior BNB Chain team members alongside our global Student Ambassador community.
You’ll also receive limited-edition gifts, made exclusively for BNB Chain Student Ambassadors.
Join the internship program and eventually join BNBChain as Full time employee.
Your feedback and suggestions will help shape the future of Web3

Voices from Student Ambassadors

Being a BNB Chain Student Ambassador has enriched my life with the most significant amount of Web3 and crypto knowledge a student can learn. While having fun at events, I also enjoy the exclusive perks that a Student Ambassador receives.

Csaba from UK 🇬🇧

BNB Chain gave me an outstanding opportunity to become a part of this rapidly growing Blockchain and crypto world. As a BNB Chain student ambassador, I got an excellent chance to be surrounded by professionals.

Kenzi from Ukraine 🇺🇦

Blockchain tech bringing significant changes in many different fields for better future and it’s been a privilege for me to be the student ambassador of BNBChain. Let’s Educate for better tomorrow.

Faizan from India 🇮🇳