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Builder Grants

BNB Chain Builder Grants awards grants or non-financial support to builders and Web3 projects who contribute to the BNB Chain ecosystem

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Unleash Your Potential

We want to enable you to build and innovate freely on BNB Chain



We want to enable you to create tools, infrastructure, and expand the adoption of the blockchain industry



We want to provide a safe environment for you be able to freely innovate and go beyond their limitations



We want to help you go further, to help scale and grow your projects effectively in the ecosystem

Focus on what matters the most - Your Projects

We Got You Covered

All grants have two tiers of financial support: A maximum of $50k and a bespoke value grant. Being awarded a grant also means being connected to the BNB Chain Labs team – giving you more than just financial support.

Financial Support

Tier 1

Bespoke value grants

Tier 2

Max USD$ 50,000

Non-Financial Support

Amplification & Visibility

Connections to Other Projects & Community Members

Dedicated Advisory Support Team

Get Started with BNB Chain Builder Grants

Step 1

Apply for Builder Grants

Projects and teams must submit an application to initiate the evaluation process

Application Form

Step 2


Upon completion of the application, an assessment process takes place where we will do our due diligence in evaluating the entire project

Step 3


Applicants that have fulfilled the evaluation criteria would be notified via BNB Chain public announcements of the grant given.

Step 4


You build!